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  Rohara Rebecca  

Bronze Champion Mare Ströhen International Horse days & Classwinner with 93,17p and Silver Champion Mare West Coast Cup.

Naples Pearl
Rohara Rebecca
Naples Pearl
Rohara Rebecca
  Naples Moulin Rouge  

Molly on her way....

Naples Pearl
Naples Moulin Rouge (ZT Marwetyn x Rohara Exotica)

15th of Januari was the birth of Naples Moulin Rouge (ZT Marwetyn x Rohara Exotica) we are speachless about this absolutely gorgeus filly!

Naples Pearl
Naples Moulin Rouge
In March was another little star born, Naples Samantha (Rohara Bacara x GM Marwan Al Shakira). A filly to die for!  
Naples Temtation
Naples Samantha
Rohara Rebecca is inally in foal to Emerald J for a 2015 years foal.  
With tears in our eyes but smile on our lips we are syaing goodbye to our friend Rohara Bacara, he is sold to Al Fares Arabians och Nils Arne och Sandra Holmudden and we wish all the best with this fantastic stallion who has been a signature for our stud.  
Naples Top Model has left Sweden for England and the excellent trainer Chris Lowe who will train and match her this showseason.  
Rohara Pamela and GM Marwan Al Shakira has left south of Sweden for Piteå and Artic Arabians. They will be ridden and bred ti Bernhard.  
Rohara Exotica and Rohara Bask Melody has left Sweden for Belgium and Johanna Ullström. The plans are still a secret.  
  Rohara Bacara  

International B show Vilhelmsborg 2013. Rohara Bacara classwinner and Silver Champion Stallion.

  Rohara Bacara  

Rohara Baccara has returned to MT Trainingcenter for the breeding season 2013. Don't miss the opportunity to breed your mare to this beautiful Padron Psyche son who proofs his quality, not only by his own successful results in the show ring, becoming International and National champion over and over again, but his offsprings are ALL champions so far! Very Warm Welcome!

  Rohara Rebecca...Our wonderful mare..  
Her name speaks for itself.  
  Re'Jolina is SOLD!  
Vi are so happy to announce that this spectacular filly is sold to Artic Arabians from Piteå! We are so truly happy she joined your band and we wish you good luck and all the best! Mama mia what a filly..!  
  When dreams come true..  
Naples Re'Jolina filly 2012 by Ajman Moniscione out of Rohara Rebecca.  
This promising young stallion has found a new owner in Jonna Larsson from Säffle. We wish this beautiful couple the best of luck in the future!  
Congratulation Mr Said Khair to the purchase of this very special filly. We hope to see more of her in the future.  
Naples Pearl
Naples Pearl
  Topresults at Swedish Nationals 2012  
Let start with our fantastic 1 year old filly, Naples Pearl, winner of the class with 91,67 p, 20,19,20 on type, GOLD CHAMPION FILLY, BEST SWEDISH BREED FILLY and winner of the FILLY FUTURITY! We are so proud of you!  
Close to Pearl was our beautiful Rohara Exotica who won the class, fillies 3 years with 90 p and also became SILVER CHAMPION FILLY!  
GM Marwan Al Shakira won her class with 92,67 p, 20,20,20 on type and got the title SILVER CHAMPION MARE.  
OUR breed Naples Temptation won his class, colts 1 year, BRONSE CHAMPION COLT, and LIBERTY winner. Proud owners are Sarah and Niclas Holm.  
Naples Pearl
Naples Pearl
  Super colt for sale!  
Naples Bulgari, by Bernhard out of Rohara Bask Melody. Full sibling to 2012 years Swedish National Champion Filly, Naples Pearl. He has the true Naples Arabian style.. Elegant, showy and very correct.  
  Naples Top Model is born, by Rohara Bacara out of Tosca!  
A beautiful grey filly was born on midsummer night. She is pretty, she has a fantastic pedigree, she is full of snort and blow.. she is so much Naples Arabians!  
  International B show Arendal, Norway 16-17/6-2012  
Naples Pearl Winner of the class yearling fillies and GOLD CHAMPION FILLY!  
GM Marwan Al Shakira Winner of the class, mares 4-7 years and GOLD CHAMPION MARE AND BEST IN SHOW!  
Naples Arabians bred Naples Temptaion winner of the class yearling colts and SILVER CHAMPION COLT! Congratulations to the owner Sara och Niclas Holm!  
We also have the amazing Bernhard ( Rohara Bacara x Tosca)which is owned by Gwiazda Arabians, he won his class, became GOLD CHAMPION STALLION and was awarded the title THE MOST CLASSIC ARABIAN HORSE!  
  Arabhäst i väst - C show Munkedal 27/5-2012  
Naples Pearl Winner of the class yearling fillies and SILVER CHAMPION FILLY!  
Rohara Exotica Winner of the class fillies 3 years, GOLD CHAMPION FILLY and BEST IN SHOW!  
Our breeding Naples Temptation became Winner of the class yearling colts and GOLD CHAMPION COLT! Congratulations Sara and Niclas Holm!  
Congratulations Sara Holm, the new happy owner of the fantastic young stallion Naples Temptation.  
Naples Temtation
Naples Temptation
  Naples Re'jolina has arrived!  
Naples Arabians first foal for the season has arrived! It´s a beautiful chestnut filly by Ajman Moniscione out of Rohara Rebecca.  
Gm Marwan Al Shakira started the 2012 years show season as Silver Champion Mare at the Normandie Horse Festival, France.  
Marwan Al Shakira is also confirm in foal to Borsalino K.  
Naples Princess
Naples Re'jolina
  Rohara Bacara goes Norrland!!  
Rohara Bacara will be in the north of Sweden, Artic Arabians - Piteå, during the breeding season 2012. We hope that it will enjoy lots of mares and their owner and we are convinced that it will be born lots of new Rohara Bacara stars in the year of 2013.  
Rohara Bacara will be available at MT Training Center to the middle of apri 2012 for frozen semin and natural breeding.  
Rohara Bacara
Rohara Bacara
Rohara Bacara
Rohara Bacara
  Naples Pearl  
  Naples Pearl she's " swedish natural winter woolley"  
Naples Pearl
Naples Pearl (Bernhard x Rohara Bask Melody)
Naples Pearl
Naples Pearl
  Going on..  
Rohara Rebecca is confirmed in foal to Ajman Moniscione for 2012.  
Rohara Bask Melody is confirmed in foal to Bernhard for 2012.  
Tosca is confirmed in foal to Rohara Bacara for 2012.  
Rohara Pamela starting her new career as a reining horse. Trained by Helene Hokkanen.  
Rohara Pamela
Rohara Pamela
Rohara Pamela
Rohara Pamela
  Love at first sight! Congratulations Moa Djurberg from Gotland to the purchase of Naples Broadway.  
  Congratulations Inger Feili to the purchase of Naples Princess. We are convinced that Princess is all what you are looking for. Good luck!  
Naples Princess
Naples Princess
Naples Broadway
Naples Broadway
  Swedish Nationals ..  
  Swedish National Champion Stallion for the 3rd time with 91,67 points, Rohara Bacara, and as usual full score on movements!  
  Naples Braodway classwinner 89,0 points.  
Rohara Bacara
Rohara Bacara
Naples Broadway
Naples Broadway
  Naples Belitze SOLD to Norway!  
  Good luck, Ragnhild and Thor Egil Overbotten with the purchase of the quality filly Naples Belitze. Congratulations.  
Naples Princess
Naples Belitze
  Turbo International, Strängnäs - Sweden  
  Naples Princess: Winner of the class and Junior Bronze Champion Mare.  
  Naples Belitze: Second in the class and Junior Silver Champion Mare.  
  Naples Broadway: Winner of the class.  
Naples Princess
Naples Princess (Rohara Bacara x Gwiazda - Bomarc)
Naples Princess
Naples Princess
  She finally came ..  
  like a bomb and stole our hearts! Naples Pearl, proud first father is Bernard and mother is the super cool Rohara Bask Melody.  
Naples Pearl
Naples Pearl
Naples Pearl
  Naples Temptation by Rohara Bacara out of Tosca  
  Fullbrother to multichampion colt Bernhard, tons of snort and blow, type and elegant!   
Naples Temtation
Naples Temtation
  WW Shazam is born!  
  WW Shazam bay colt by Ajman Moniscione out of GM Marwan Al Shakira. Shakiras first baby is born, a beautiful bay colt. He is proudly breed and owned by Veronica Mann Wernsten.  
WW Shazam
WW Shazam
  Rebecca was upgraded from 4th place to 3rd place at the Al Kalediha Horse Festival!  
  ROHARA EXOTICA by Da Vinci  
  In natural shape!  
Rohara Exotica
Rohara Exotica
Rohara Exotica by Da Vinci,
in natural shape!
  COVER GIRL- Rohara Rebecca  
  In vigorous opposition and with two World Cup Champions in the class Rohara Rebecca secured fourth place with 90.3 points at Al Khalediah Horse Festival, Saudi Arabia, excellent matched by Johanna Ullström. We are very lucky that we have had a chance to show off our lovely mare who was immensely popular among spectators and photographers from throughout the world. Rohara Rebecca finished her journey by becoming Cover Girl on of the Saudi Arabian newspaper.  
Rohara Rebecca
Rohara Rebecca (Magnum Psyche x Somewhere Mi Love - Padron)
  Rohara Rebecca in Saudi Arabia  
  Rohara Rebecca is currently in Saudi Arabia to participate in Al Khalediah Show January 27 to 29-2011. It is now the second time Naples Arabians are invited to a Middle East show and we look forward with great anticipation to Rohara Rebeccas appearance.  
Rohara Rebecca
Rohara Rebecca (Magnum Psyche x Somewhere Mi Love - Padron)
  We put this year to an end with announcing that Bacara was named Best Mover Paris 2010! Thank you Johanna for a great job. After a successful year in Belgum he will return to Sweden for new challenges and for the breeding season 2011. We are looking forward to se see “Bacara 2011 babies”. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  
Rohara Bacara i Paris 2011
Rohara Bacara i Paris 2011
  All Nations Cup 2010  
  Rohara Rebecca with a competition of horses as Emmandoria, Pistoria and Pinga , she was the proud bronze medallist with 93,20 points. .  
  Latest News ..  
  Our longlegged bay mare Rohara Bask Melody e) Bask Afire is confirmed in foal to a super typey stallion who doesn’t need a closer presentation – Bernhard. Our leased mare Tosca e) TC Kashmir are confirmed in foal to Rohara Bacara – we are hoping for a second superstar. Naples Princess e) Rohara Bacara has finally arrived Skåne to be prepared for the showseason 2011.  
  Swedish Nationals 2010  
  Our cheeky little redhead Naples Belitze can after this weekend at the Swedish Nationals, call herself Gold Junior Champion Mare (selected unanimously with 41.67 points, 10:s from all judges in the movements) and the Best Swedish Bred Filly. Rohara Exotica was 3:rd in her class yearling fillies and Rohara Pamela 2:nd in the class fillies 3 years.  
  Middelfart - Danish International A-Show 2010  
  Rohara Exotica became Winner of the Class and Winner of the Nordic Cup (junior mares), at the Danish International A-Show in Middelfart. Naples Belitze became 4:th in her class and Rohara Pamela 3:rd in her class. Rohara Rebecca became Winner of the Class 93,0 points, Senior Gold Champion Mare, got the highest score at the show and became Winner of The Nordic Cup (senior mares) Rohara Bacara became Senior Silver Champion Stallion.  
  Scandinavian Open Championships  
  Rohara Exotica Junior Bronze Champion Mare, 2:nd place yearling fillies, class 1B. Naples Belitze 2:nd place yearling fillies class 1A. Rohara Pamela 3:rd place mares 3 years. Rohara Rebecca 3:rd place, mares 4-6 years, with or with out foal.  
  Internationell B Show, Arendal - Norway  
  Our exotic filly Rohara Exotica (Da Vinci FM x Special Treat) did it great at the show in Arendal, Norway and became Winner of the Class yearling fillys and unanimous Gold Champion Filly. Rohara Rebecca (Magnum Psyche - Somewhere Mi Love) became Winner of the Class, unanimous Gold Champion Mare and also got the highest score at the show and was awarded the title Best in Show! Rohara Pamela (Ecaho-LC Psupremacy) became 3:rd in her class fillys three years.  
  Our elegance filly Naples Belitze intoduced herself in her first show by win her class with 43,33 points followed successfully becoming Gold Champion Filly and also recived the trophy of best swedish bred mare. Her mother, Rohara Bask Melody, got the highest score at the show, 44,33 points, and became Gold Champion Mare.  
  Rohara Bacara - Gold Champion  
  Rohara Bacara - Gold Champion Stallion at Austrian International A-show in Wels, with 92,83 points.  
  A princess is born!  
  A beautiful longlegged filly is born, Naples Princess (Rohara Bacara x Gwiazda).  
Naples Princess
  All Naples horses are now CA tested!  
  Naples Belitze CA-Clear N/N, Naples Broadway CA-Clear N/N, Rohara Exotica CA-Clear N/N, Rohara Pamela CA-Clear N/N, GM Marwan Al Shakira CA-Clear N/N, Rohara Bask Melody CA-Clear N/N, Rohara Rebecca N/CA, Rohara Bacara CA-Clear N/N.  
  An arabian princess is coming to Naples Arabians!  
  Year 2010 we will show you something special… We proudly present a new member in our band.. Rohara Exotica 2009 Da Vinci – Special Treat – Marwan Al Shaqab.  
  Its like a dream come true.  
  GM Marwan Al Shakira prove that she belong to the ”topp of the line” international when she became the Winner of the Class at All Nations Cup in Aachen with 91,60 points. Thank you Magnus for a great show! Shakiras next show is at the WC in Paris and after that she is having a long rest and hopfully a foal at next year. The stallion is today a secret!  
  Success at Swedish Nationals  

To great applause from the spectators, Rohara Bacara gave a spectacular show scoring 43,33 points and was titled Unanimous Gold Champion Stallion for the second time and posted on the cover of the magazine Ridsport.

Rohara Rebecca in her best mode proving that she too can put on a show, earning 10,10,10 on type, her final score was 43,67 points naturally winner of the class and tiltled Unanimous Gold Champion Mare. Supporting her on the show she had her beautiful golden colt Naples Brodway.

GM Marwan Al Shakira, our feminine three year old filly has been on three international shows this year and has been titled Champion all three times. Even this weekend she did well with a score of 43,0 points, Winner of The Class and got the title Junior Bronze Champion Mare. She is now having a well deserved rest before All Nations Cup Aachen and Salon du Cheval Paris.

Last but not least, our grey filly Rohara Pamela, second in the class with 41,67 points showing great potential for the future and we are so much looking forward to see her in the show ring 2010!

  Vilhelmsborg International -Denmark  
  GM Marwan Al Shakira, Winner of the Class and Silver Champion Filly at Vilhemsborg International, Denmark.  
  Welcome Gwiazda!  
  Welcome Gwiazda (by Bomarc out of Granada by Abu Afas) who we are lucky to lease from Gwiazda Arabians.  
  Scandinavian Open Championships  
  GM Marwan Al Shakira, Winner of the Class and Gold Champion Filly. Naples Belitze, 2nd place fillys 1 month and older. Scandinavian Open Championships, Blommeröd, Sweden.  
  Rohara Pamela Silver Champion  
  Rohara Pamela, Silver Champion Filly at Kumla International C-show, Sweden.  
  Brons Champion Orientalica -Germany  
  GM Marwan Al Shakira, Winner of The Class and Bronze Champion Filly at the Orientalica B-show in Frankfurt, Germany.  
  A filly-foal!  
  Naples Arabians first filly Naples Belitze is borne; by Rohara Bacara and out of Rohara Bask Melody.  
  Naples Arabians second colt Naples Bonanza is borne; by Rohara Bacara and out of Rohara Rebecca.  
  Naples Amarone SOLD!  
  Congratulation to Lotta Höjer and Snazzys Arabians for purchasing Naples Arabians beautiful folt Naples Amarone.  
  A new pearl!  
  Rohara Pamela, by Ecaho and out of LC Psupremacy, is bought from USA. Rohara Pamela is own by Naples Arabians and Linn Tauberman.  
  All Nations Cup - Aachen  
  Rohara Bacara got 93.60 point, 7-10 years stallion, at the All Nations Cup in Aachen, Germany. The score gave him the 2nd place in his class, after the world famous Marwan Al Shaqab,and he was also the only one in his class and one of few participants in the contest with 20-20-20-20-20 at movements.  
  For sale - Naples Amarone  
  Naples Amarone is for sale. For more information please contact MT Trainingcenter.  
  Swedish Nationals  
  Rohara Bask Melody, Winner of the class, Swedish National Champion mare and second highest score of the show at Swedish Nationals.  
  Vilhelmsborg International A-show  
  GM Marwan Al Shakira, 2nd place fillies 2 years. Top Five and Nordic Show Cup junior Champion filly. Rohara Bask Melody, 3rd place, fillies 6-8 years. Vilhelmsborgs International A-show, Denmark.  
  Winner of the class  
  Amarone, Winner of class, coltfoals 1 months and older. GM Marwan Al Shakira. 3rd place, fillies 2 years. Scandinavien Open Championships, Blommeröd, Sweden.  
  Victory in Norway!  
  GM Marwan Al Shakira, Winner of class and Junior Female Champion at Norwegian International Arabian Horse Championships.  
  Naples Arabians first foal  
  Naples Arabians first foal Naples Amarone is borne; by Rohara Bacara and out of Rohara Bask Melody.  
  Rohara Bacara in Dubai  
  Rohara Bacara placed third in his class at Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship.. He did a great show and was awarded with the highest score of the show on movements.  
  Marwan Al Shaqab daughter  
  GM Marwan Al Shakira, by Marwan Al Shaqab and out of Octavia of Rohan/AA Manhattan, is bought from USA and will arrive to Sweden in February 2008.  
  Magnum Elegance SOLD!  
  Congratulation to Lotta Höjer and Snazzys Arabians for purchasing Magnum Elegance.  
  Rohara Bacara was Winner of the class and Senior Champion Stallion, 91.67 points at Vilhelmsborgs International A-show - Denmark. He was also the only horse awarded with 20-20-20-20 on movements.  

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